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The Sugar Creek Gang

books by Paul Hutchens

   Paul Hutchens wrote a series of books for boys (and girls) called the Sugar Creek Gang. This is a series which I read and re-read as a child, and still enjoy reading now.

   These pages have pictures I took of the real Sugar Creek where Paul Hutchens grew up, and where the stories took place (at least some of which were inspired by Hutchen's boyhood experiences). I hope that those of you that share my interest (and fond memories from childhood) in the Sugar Creek Gang will find this information of interest.

   Go to the Sugar Creek Gang Pictures page for pictures taken by me in August of 1999.

More Sugar Creek information and pictures at: Rick's Sugar Creek Gang Site


home of Paul Hutchens

Sugar Creek 1999a

Sugar Creek 1999b

Colored Cemetery

covered bridge a

covered bridge b

Indian Cemetery

Sugar Creek School 1

Sugar Creek School 2

Sugar Creek School 3

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